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You can start today to begin earning income as soon as possible. Join for just $29.95 and you’ll be an official “Independent Watkins Consultant,” with complete flexibility over how you build your business and how much effort you put in. You’ll get free access to our extensive training website and other support. We’ll even set you up with a FREE informational website like this one, and you can immediately begin building your business at a pace that’s right for you.






Watkins offers a wide range of programs to support your Watkins business and encourage growth.

Membership Package APPLY ONLINE http://www.respectedhomebusiness.com/316325 
09830 Watkins Membership Package—US OFFLINE >>>

Watkins Membership Package includes minimal literature and training so it can work as the starting point for all new Consultants. The wide variety of materials and training in the current starter kits often overwhelm new Consultants. This simple package will include a welcome letter, instructions for initial set-up, various program literature, Master Catalog, and upcoming Monthly Highlights Catalog and Order Form. With this new package, coach your new team member on their preferred method of marketing or direct them to the Consultant Library area of https://www.watkins1868.com/consultant/316325. Current training materials are available for download or simply contact Watkins Order Entry to order print versions.

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Prices do not include taxes. 
Watkins reserves the right to make product substitutions.

JRWatkins.com can help you generate new sales, serve as a great prospecting tool and puts your up-to date business and account information at your fingertips! 

All Watkins Consultants

  • A complete Watkins Online catalog.
  • Online ordering for you and your customers.
  • Up-to-date company news, training information and product specials.
  • A comprehensive Business Opportunity section for your prospects.
  • Your own personalized account information, including reports.

Nonprofit Fundraising Program

Watkins Nonprofit Fundraising Program is a truly easy concept to sell. Imagine approaching organizations by saying, “I can provide your organization with a simple, powerful, risk-free way to generate a steady stream of year-round income that could easily exceed all of your present fundraising activities!”

Sound easy? Well it’s better than easy—nonprofit organizations can now sign up to receive a FREE Web site where supporters can visit, read about their goals, and support those goals by placing an order for Watkins quality products. Because all set-up and start-up fees are waived for the organization, there is absolutely no-risk—only benefits as the non-profit organization can earn from 15%-29% from all resulting sales.

Imagine an organization in your area with several hundred supporters, most of whom are completely unfamiliar with today’s Watkins. With one contact, all these supporters begin ordering Watkins quality products to support their favorite organization…and keep ordering because they love the products!

Watkins Nonprofit Fundraising Opportunity is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. Watkins quality products will enhance supporters’ lives, and the income generated by those supporters will in turn enhance the efforts of nonprofit organizations in your area. As hundreds or thousands of people are introduced or re-introduced to Watkins quality products, increased supporter/customer orders will translate into increased income for you.

And that one contact could be the easiest contact you’ve ever made. Look at what you can offer:

A steady revenue stream without the hassles and time commitments of traditional fundraisers. (nonprofit organizations receive between 15% and 29% of sales.)
A free, user-friendly e-commerce Web site where organizations can place information about their projects, goals, and fundraising efforts. (Watkins waves the set-up fee as well as the monthly maintenance cost, indefinitely for all 501-C3 (US)/RR charitable (CN) nonprofit organizations).
Access to a diverse product line of more than 350 unique high-quality/high-value consumable essentials and gift assortments consisting of many consumables that people are probably already purchasing from somewhere else.
Easy ordering for supporters of an organization. They can order by Web, by mail, or by phone.
An easy start-up without having to purchase anything—the Consultant sign up cost is waived for nonprofits as they are not required to buy a Membership Package.
A quick start. Organizations can begin raising funds within 15 minutes of your initial contact! Have them sign up by calling the Support Hotline or by clicking on the “Join as a Nonprofit Organization” in the left-hand navigation column of JRWatkins.com. (They must have their 501-C3/RR charitable number as well as your Consultant ID number ready at the time of registration.) 
Nonprofit Support Flyer >>>
Nonprofit Brochure—US >>>


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