Kaeser & Blair #86166

Kaeser & Blair #86166

We are your independent Kaeser & Blair dealer #86166, we are here to help your company generate brand awareness through creative advertising and promotional products and services.

You’ll find magnets pens lighters coffee mugs fridge magnets corporate gift baskets calendars greeting cards and more.

KAESER & BLAIR ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES a rock-solid opportunity backed by 105 years of success WHAT EXACTLY ARE ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES?Start Your Advertising Specialty Home Business Today!

Anything a company gives away, sells, or uses to promote their business….  from inexpensive giveaways (like bumper stickers, wooden nickels, and plastic key tags) to expensive executive gifts (like leather portfolios) to premium items (like an Igloo cooler with the purchase of a new refrigerator) to the giant advertising balloons on the tops of buildings or the printed hat and T-shirt the pizza delivery guy wears. SEE OUR BEST BUYS

They’re the “imprinted” goodies we’ve all seen a thousand times….  the most common probably being pens and calendars.

Nearly every successful company uses promotional items of some kind….  and if they don’t, they should, because it is the single most cost-effective form of advertising there is. SEE OUR WINDJAMMER


Because the success of an ad depends upon it being there at the exact moment when the person wants or needs what the ad is offering.  Every other form of advertising is here today, gone tomorrow (or gone in 30 seconds flat).

Advertising Specialties find a permanent or semi-permanent home on refrigerators and walls.  They get worn.  They get carried in pockets and purses.  They get used every day.  Which means they get seen again….  and again….  and again.

There is no question that they represent the best-remembered (which equals most-cost-effective) form of advertising available, and the industry continues to grow as more and more businesses earmark a higher percentage of their advertising budget for this type of promotion.

An example?

Funeral homes.  They represent one of the biggest users of specialty products.  And when the need arises, who will most people call? The “stranger” in the phone book….  or the “friend” who put the calendar magnet on their refrigerator?


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